Heyo! I'm back and quite surprised I didn't forget about today! 1 more day left! It's gonna be different but it will save me from forgetting about doing another day. Welcome back, and today is day 14. The second last day of me doing this challenge. Hope you enjoy!

Day 14: Write some facts about yourself.

I'm a pretty boring person so you don't have to read this if you don't want to. And I'm only gonna do 21 things about me. Anyway, on with the article!

  • I come from the wonderful country of Australia (Gold Coast Born)
australia surfing
  • I am a Adventist/Christian
god blessing
  • I am a Harry Potter Fanatic (if you do't already know - and am a proud Slytherclaw - no hate!)
always ravenclaw
  • I am a night owl
animal clouds
  • I wish to travel the world within a year (it's a goal, awaiting to be accomplished)
airplane heart
  • I absolutely love reading! Obsessed literally (if you have read my other articles, I am obsessed with reading)
aladdin book
  • I love Volleyball, Rugby (Union), Skiing and Basketball
ball Superthumb landscape aesthetic
  • I'm a bit of tomboy...my fashion sense says otherwise (according to some people)
Superthumb dress
  • Since I go to an Australian school, I am classified as a Junior (I know in other schools it's different, but I think my school classifies us students as Primary, Middle, Junior and then Senior...it's complicated really)
die Superthumb
  • I am a proud Samoan-Filipino (if you didn't already know)
Superthumb Superthumb
  • I'm pretty much a nerd
Superthumb book
  • I am born in a household where a holiday, isn't really a holiday (chores suck sometimes)
Superthumb baby
  • I absolutely love music (if you didn't know)
life christmas
  • I'm literally a perfectionist (or just overly organised)
school Superthumb
  • Food is life
banana food
  • Rain is such a calming thing to me, even though it's storming (I'm weird)
autumn Superthumb
  • I am afraid of clowns and losing the people I hold close to my heart
losing clowns
  • I'm known to be a very mysterious person - (the secrets are the key...jk)
clock black
  • Sleep would be my best friend if it were a person
eyes black
  • I like meeting people and listening to their stories
city all
  • And finally, I'm just a potato
bikini funny

And that is the end of this article. Hope you got to know a bit about me and my weird and random ways of living life. If you didn't like this article and made it to the end, at least you made it through? Right?
Anyway, thanks for reading! Appreciation!