I had been planning to write an article like this for a while but I decided to do it for my 200 followers post!! Thank you to everyone who has followed me and my collections and like my articles and images!! Enjoy this article!

1. Harajuku, Japan
I have always wanted to visit Japan as I love anime and it is such an aesthetically pleasing place. It is full of history and is literally so beautiful! Out of all the places in Japan, Harajuku is the one I want to visit the most due to its amazing shops and cafes. I really want to visit the Kawaii Monster Café as its food looks so cute and delicious.

2. Seoul, South Korea
If you have read some of my previous articles regarding music you will know I am a fan of KPOP so I really want to visit South Korea to get some merch and makeup. The makeup shops in South Korea are literally amazing, the packaging is super cute and are really high quality! Some places I want to visit are Myeongdong, Gangnam Underground Shopping Centre and Garosu-gil.

3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
I have been to Amsterdam once before but it was only for the day on a school trip and I definitely want to go back for longer and explore it properly. On my one day trip I went to the Anne Frank house and I definitely want to go back, it is such an important part of the history there that I think should be appreciated more! I also want to go to Vondelpark because it is so beautiful, I never got to go last time but I definitely want to go again!! I want to take the time to just walk around Amsterdam admiring it.

4. Paris, France
When I was younger I visited Paris a few times but I can't really remember it! I want to go back again and fully take in all the sites and go back to Disneyland. Some places I want to visit are the Eiffel Tower, Café Francoeur and the Palace of Versailles.

5. Sydney, Australia
I have always wanted to visit Australia as it is ages away from home and it would be an amazing adventure! A few places I want to go in Sydney are Taronga Zoo, Quay, Cockatoo Island, Blue Mountains National Park and Bondi Beach!!