I love writing inspirational articles and share with you all my love for life, so here there are a few things we all should live for...

1. Spending time with your family

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2. Having fun with friends

Image by fuentesamantha

3. Going to the beach and hearing the relaxing sound of the waves

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4. Staying at home on a rainy day

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5. Watching sunsets

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6. Drinking chocolate on cold and foggy winter days

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7. Walking around when the street lights are on

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8. Petting your pets

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9. Dancing in the street

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10. Singing out loud at home

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11. Watching a sunrise

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12. Eating your favorite food after a long time

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13. Travelling to your favorite places

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14. Smiles

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15. Contemplating nature and wild animals

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16. Listening your favorite song on the radio or public places

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17. Loving, hugging and kissing

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18. Reading a book you can't put down not even for a second

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19. Receiving unexpected gifts and surprises

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I would continue adding and adding more things to live for but this ones are special for me and I think you all would like them because they are meaningful.

I hope you loved this article as much as I loved writing it! -Alison G.