Relationships are hard and can be hard at any age. There's this boy who confessed me I wanted to start a new life too but the past that I had was terrible that still scares me and I get nightmares still. That terrible experience I don't want to suffer again I don't even want to give it a try.People do say one's past shouldn't block the road of future happiness but trust me I tried every possible things therapy and consult from the psychiatric but I still taste the past I still have memories terrible memories that has no cure so I gave up on love life. He is gentleman indeed he has those charms that should be on a certain person should have but now Love in my life doesn't exists I feel sorry for rejecting him but if I were to love again that I would surely choose him as my life mate I apologise to that anonymous guy who love me,fell for me and confessed to me with his pure heart I hope you'll get someone good and God bless you on this long journey called life!