Boys and Crushes ❥ 14 → Goodbye

"That feeling you get when you see his name appear on your phone."

September 28, 2017

By the title of this article you're probably guessing what happened but with the quote you're probably 50/50 about what happened to Romeo and I.

This Wednesday I decided to ask him out but of course fait happened and he ran out of data so I couldn't message him on Snapchat.. He gave out his number of people want to text him so knowing me I used his number and messaged:

[ Hey this might be really stupid for me to ask, would you like to hang out sometime...
If not it's cool just keep it low key and not mention this to anyone.
- myname ]
- Me

I was so scared when I sent it knowing that it will come up in his notifications on his phone. The good thing about Romeo was that he texted me black asap and replied:

[ myname from the project?] - Romeo

At this point I felt like I lost hope because he had to clarify but by doing this at least he knew exactly who it was.

[ Yeah... ] - Me

Then I was sitting at my phone staring at those three dots waiting for an answer.


Then the text finally came:

[ Aha well I'm on holidays so I won't really be able to, thanks for the offer thou] - Romeo

My heart sunk in disappointment. We were really close during the project and I really hope I didn't think that...
I'm just glad he gave me an answer and was a gentleman about it. I haven't gotten any bullsh*t from his friends which is amazing, and he hasn't blocked me on anything so it was like I never ask him out. Though even if it is a no at least he has my number and I have his if anything changes.

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