You know when you feel terribly sad? When you're heartbroken? Or it was simply not your day? Well, when i feel like that, i get the: "Don't you listen to a lot of music? Listen some happy songs!" Yes, i do listen to a lot of music, but it's not really "happy", and yes, sometimes is a good advice and it works, but for me most of the times it doesn't. I don't get sad or down very easily, or because of small things. When im sad it's real, something bad really happend, or is happening to me. So, when im sad, i don't like to hear happy music, i listen to slow music, songs that describe the way i feel, deep songs.

  • The A Team - Ed Sheeran
ed sheeran, music, and singer image
  • Moments - One Direction
one direction, zayn malik, and louis tomlinson image
  • Cancer - Twenty One Pilots
twenty one pilots twenty one pilots
  • Creep - ember Island
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  • Demons - Imagine Dragons
imagine dragons Superthumb
  • Do You Remember - Jarryd James
do you remember, Lyrics, and jarryd james image
  • Empty - Olivia O'brien
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  • Gone - MICHL
michl image
  • Heal - Tom Odell
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  • Heart Like Yours - Williamette Stone (If I Stay)
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  • Where's My Love - SYML
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  • I Can't Go On Without You - Kaleo
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  • In Time - Talos
  • The Last Time - Oliver Tank
  • How Could You Leave Us - NF
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  • Medicine - Daughter
  • Paper Hearts - The Vamps
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  • Shelter - Lyve

Hope you liked it and discovered some new music ;)