⭐️ After almost 3 months of using WeHeartIt, the mysterious Jedi Cara has finally decided to speak. After reaching 1,000 followers I thought I should introduce myself.🎤

I go by the stage name of Yuki, and as you can tell by my canvas, I follow all kinds of aesthetics. 🏵

I grew up in Japan and have been traveling the world since. I'm 18 now.

nature image
Yes, it really looks like that.
nails, rainbow, and glitter image lipstick, flowers, and beauty image bubbles, sky, and photography image pink, clouds, and sky image

✨I love bright pastels, glitter, and the unique/unusual.💜

And currently I have over 180 collections. 😲

I could talk in circles about myself, but I'll cap it here and maybe do a part 2. I might start posting these articles often because I like talking. ✌🏾