My Happiness In a List

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”
—Marthe Troly-Curtin

1) Rain

I love to sit by a window as it rains to listen, smell and watch as the rain cleans the empty streets.

candle, gif, and winter image city, new york, and taxi image

2) Green Tea Lattes

With Soy Milk.

theme image
Aren't coffee shops the greatest?

3) Bookstores

Nothing feels better than letting getting lost in a new story.

book, rain, and red image
This is my happy place

4) Organizing My Calendar

Planning out the days to come and a little colour coordination never hurt anybody.

bullet journal, bujo, and journal image
It's all about the colour coordination

5) Cats

Enough Said.

cat, cute, and kitten image cat, cute, and kitten image
Heres to the self-admitted crazy cat ladies

6) Teaching

I am a dance instructor and what I love most is teaching my students new techniques, new skills and how to tell a story without needing to say a word.

ballet, dance, and dancer image

7) Warm Climates

I love Canada but man are our winters long. Isn't it funny how much weather can affect our moods?

girl, flowers, and pink image
Oh sunny, sunny, sunny days

8) Socializing

Conversations that keep you talking for hours.

lights, neon, and photography image friends, light, and bff image
Conversing is connecting

9) Planning my Future

Places to travel to, career moves to strive towards, creative projects to pursue, there is so much room for excitement.

ftprints image
Get excited about life!

10) Change

Change isn't scary! It's exciting and refreshing but most importantly it allows for a world of opportunities.

girl, autumn, and fall image
When one door closes another door opens

Hope you liked the list as much as I enjoyed writing it! Now its your turn to identify your happy, good luck!