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So this is for all those people who are either new to We Heart It, if so welcome to our house 🙆. Or if you are already a writer or a publisher of articles here is some extra tips to help make any type of article or story even better.

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First things first, always know the language you are using and how to use the right punctuation. Trust me no one likes to see a misspelled word if you are trying to be serious. Here are some key writing functions everyone should know:

1. Capital letters
~ Important people, names, places, dates, titles, beginning of sentences, and I!
Ex. Peter, Teen Wolf, Canada, I

2. Commas,,,,
~Used to create a pause between sentences, lists
Ex. I like clothing, kittens, and kites

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3. Periods
~Ending of sentence. Done.

4. Organization
~Organize your work to your hearts content :)

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Second most important thing is to add your own unique style to your own article!!! Add your own collections, original pictures,quotes, interests, and your own story. 📖📖

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Third thing is if you want other people to notice your articles, add a few tags! Your article or picture will be found easier and get recognized more often. Add a unique title and cover page to en-capture the hearter to be interested in your article.

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