i tried to be something just for you
did I do something wrong?
did I love the wrong way or was just me?
I was searching high and low
just trying find your soul
now we are illuminating
side by side, you're on me
your too bad for me
but I stay because I don't want to be lonely
poem 2 :
lonely was my silhouette
I was water and he was oil
we couldn't mix but we tried and tried
until he became too destructive
always playing with my mind
I tried to escape the night sky
he catches me trying to escape
I'm drowning into toxic waters
please save me

poem 3 :
I ran when I had a chance
my wings had grew back after he cut them
the night was finally coming to day
I was beaming full of radiance
truly i was the sunlight
and at last i felt better being alone