Hello! This is my first article, and of course im doing it about music, because music is my life. I can't spend a day without music. I also wanted to make something different than "Favorite Songs", so here it is. Hope you enjoy ;)

  • Justin Bieber X Khalid Acoustic Mashup, Jacko Brazier
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So this is not really a cover, its a mashup, but it's amazing. Jacko is an australian youtuber and he also sings. I really like his voice, i think it's very soft and sweet but he can make it rough. I found him super cute and funny.
  • Here By Dua Lipa (Alessia Cara Cover)
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I absolutly love Dua Lipa, and this song. I love her version, and her voice fits perfectly. I simply love everything about this cover.
  • Riptide By Taylor Swift
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This song, is one of my favorite songs ever, and when i heard it with her voice was like heaven to my hears.
  • The Chain (Fleetwood Mac cover), By Harry Styles
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No comments on this one. Pure perfection.
  • That's My Girl, By The Vamps
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This guys are amazing! Brads voice sound a little rusty, but at the same time sweet. I dont know how to discribe it. Also, i really like the chemestry they have everytime they sing.

I love this other covers of The Vamps too:

  • Say My Name / Cry My a River, By The Neighbourhood
the neighbourhood image
Again, a mashup. I really like this version of both songs, i think they mixed it perfectly. The Neighbourhood is my favorite band, i am completly in love with them. Im very happy because they just realesed new music, and it's fucking great.
  • Dusk Till Dawn, By New Hope Club
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This band is amazing and is so underrated. This three boys have beautiful voices, they sound so nice and armonic whenever they sing at the same time. Also, they are extremely cute.
  • Summertime Sadness, By Shawn Mendes
shawn mendes, boy, and shawn image
Again, perfection, i even like this version better than the original. This cover is kind of old, but its great. In my opinion, Shawn can sing everything, and its always going to sound perfectly.
  • Summertime Sadness, By Miley Cyrus
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I really like this version too, the song sounds glorious on Miley's voice.
  • Take Me To Church, By Demi Lovato
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This a rally powerful song, and demi has a really powerful voice, so i think it was a perfect fit. Also, love her version.
  • Here, By Shanw Mendes
  • The Hills, By Dua Lipa
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THIS VERSION IS SOOO GOOOD! I Llike it better than the original.
  • What Is Love, By Jaymes Young
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This version is so soft and sweet, it goes with his voice. Just amazing.