Hi cry babies it's melody diamandis ❤

In this article i tell us how to make a cute edit (the article title :P

∽ image (whatever)
∽ picsart
∽ cymera
And the most important
∽ imagination

In picsart,choose the image what will edit,if have text doesn't matter..just enter to draw,choose the white color and with the pencil top the text and your image it's ready to edit

Add the text what you prefer in the image (a song's part,quote or phrase) with a font cute.in this case i put the page of the fonts free:


And the popular font s what i use to my edits:

◆ luckiest guy
◆ sniglet regular
◆ shadows into light
◆ hacked
◆ impact label
◆ dk face your fears
◆ the beauty and the beast
◆ loveness
◆ sugar style millenial
Etc :p so write whatever and save

Once your image is ready enter to cymera and choose your edit and enter to filters (again xD) choose the filter what you prefer and save

Share your art and FINISH your edit is ready :D

So guys thanks for whatch my article made with love and i wait for you make a edit using this haha :3
See you soon
Bye bye ow</