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A letter from me a high school senior to my younger, scared little freshman self

Dear Daisy,
It's okay not to be okay. Starting high school will be scary, it will feel huge and intimidating and impossibly difficult. But it's okay to be nervous everyone is. It's okay to make mistakes, believe it or not everyone dose. High school is not perfect. Some people will be mean, and they'll hurt you and let you down. You will struggle to understand certain teachers and make it through certain classes. You won't get the 4.0 GPA you hoped for, and you will not be able to take every class you want. But that's okay, because getting let down is a part of life. Bad things only make good things seem better. You will feel lost, and confused and sometimes you'll feel completely alone. You will feel like you'll never get through high school, but you will, faster then you ever imagined. You will feel like you're going to fail and flunk out. But you won't. Your work ethic will carry you through, because you are stronger then you ever thought. You may feel alone. Loneliness is a part of being human. Believe it or not everyone feels lonely at times. But as you learn to love yourself, and accept disappointment it will get easier. And you will value your alone time. You are not a loser for preferring solitude, in fact you will come to learn the power in being a introvert.

Be brave. Take risks. If you're worried people will judge you don't. Most people are kinder, and more open minded then you give them credit for. You will barely regret any chance you take, but everything you fail to attempt? They will come to haunt you.

Be kind. Yes you'll be tired and grouchy and hormonal on certain days. Some classmates will drive you up the wall. But not a single outburst will make you feel better. The times you smile however, and do a good deed for someone? That joy has the power to change your life.

Be thoughtful. Take a breath? Are you forgetting anything? Are you sure you want to send that email? Snap at that friend? Enter that building? Everyone around you seems to be rushing around. You feel stressed, you feel like you have to move. But you don't, your classmates are misguided. Don't be afraid to pause and reflect. It may save you some regret.

Be happy. Life is short. Mistakes, hurt, confusion and regret. They are all inevitable. Locking yourself away and crying for hours will not make things any better. You don't have to take such things to heart. I know it will feel like the world is ending at times, but your world will never end. Take time to find the good in things. Learn to look past the bad stuff.

And please, please stop beating yourself up. Everyone makes mistakes. Learning from them is healthier then dying from them. You will be okay.

With love,
Your senior self

Image by Agata Meyin