Hey Lovely Hearters!

It has been amazing to see how much you love to use the Articles feature. Your work keeps blowing us away and we're working very hard each day to improve your WHI experience even more. With our recent update we have now enabled the possibility to add videos into your articles. Instead of showing up as a link, you will now see the video player as soon as you insert your video.

In this article, we used the improved feature to share some video tutorials with you. Each video will guide you through the process of using a specific part of the Articles feature. Watch the full series and put your knowledge into practice to becoming a skilled WHI Articles writer. Enjoy!

Team WHI

1) How To: Add Images To Articles

2) How To: Add Titles And Collections To Articles

3) How To: Use Links In Articles

4) How To: Make Lists In Articles

5) How To: Formatting Articles

6) How To: Quote In Articles