omg i can't believe i am writing this
i wanted to tell you something about music from an ex country named Yugoslavia.
we call it Ex Yu Music or Ex Yu Rock.

i don't know how to write this lol, so please don't judge me....

those are some of my favorite songs (i'll tell you about what are they singing)
1. Oprosti mi sto te volim - Forgive me loving you -by: Zeljko Bebek

you can tell it's about some probably broken heart because she isn't loving him back. he is singing how is he broken and how everything is sad and how is he crying. his soul is wounded.

2. Jesen u meni - Autumn in me -by: Parni Valjak

personal favorite song for- fucking -ever. it's about goodbye because of too much words. it's so filled with feelings. you can tell he is hurt. you can tell he has amazing voice and he OMG SORRY.
when you are sad, you should listen to this one, trust me.
he don't want her to be sad, even if he is.

3. Bolje biti pijan nego star - You better be drunk than old -by: Plavi Orkestar

he love her so much so he is drinking wine because wine does not know they were happy couple...

4. Andjele moj brate - Angel my brother -by: Van Gogh

song is about people who passed away. and he is singing how they are looking after him and like keeping him safe. " whatever I do it will take time of me " he is still talking about how time flies.

5. Sampanjski poljubac - Champagne kiss -by: Crvena Jabuka

long time passes from the moment when she left and he is still loving her.

i tried to do this, i probably failed but who cares?
i hope you someone will see this and listen some of those songs.
if someone does and is willing to hear more dm me on instagram @_marijatodic.

love you all, bye