ONCE UPON A TIME in a town located in the deep corners of Canada, lived simplicity.

This girl was the epitome of simple. With straight black raven coloured hair and innocent brown big eyes. She had a slightly crooked nose from when she clumsily tripped when she was playing with her friend at the park, she had a scar on her left shin and she was shorter then most girls her age.

This girl lived in a simple two story house in the heart of her small town with her siblings and loving parents, who worked as employees at a publishing company.

She managed to pass tests with average marks and hung out with her friends after school at the library. She loved her fantasy, teenfiction books. She dreamed of becoming famous ballerina when she was older.

This girl was simple, the most average of average.

She wasn't perfect, she knew it, everyone knew it. But she was the most closest and perfect thing to a human anyone had ever seen. She accepted her flaws and worked to become who she wanted to be. She was carefree, making those around her wonder how did she do it so well. She made mistakes, asking or asked for forgiveness. She cried, she laughed, she shouted.

She was human.

This girl was a loving daughter and sister. Soon will be a loving wife and mother or a employer/employee.

She was a living example that ; hey, you're human. You don't need a perfect GPA, you do have to change yourself for other people's approval. Change on your own account, for your betterment.

Be who you want, however you want, love whoever and whatever you want. Grow up to become human not a robot.

Shortstory written by Whispiral

Note: You are you. You aren't her or them. Try to be different, make your own trend and path don't follow someone else's.

Oh and don't do drugs;)