We've all wanted the most perfect hair in the hair,but no one can be perfect.
Just follow these tips to beautiful,shiny,bouncy,less stressful and healthy hair.

1.Wash your 3 times a week max
Yes washing your gets rid of dirt but washing it so much can strip the hairs natural oils.These oils are to condition and protect our hair,so washing it everyday is a pretty bad idea.

2.Aim for the scalps
When washing our hair we tend to focus more on the ends but its wrong.
Focus more on the scalp for better results.
Note;When washing your hair also massage the scalp because it improves blood circulation which improves hair growth.

3.Dry your hair with a t-shirt not a towel
Towels absorb all the moisture from our hair,all we want to do is absorb the excess water without taking most of the moisture that helps our hair from becoming frizzy.

4.Coconut Oil is key
This prevents dryness of hair,stmulates hair growth and other amazing things for your hair.

Thanks for reading.