‘sigh’ the morning after the night before and you've woken up with something worse than a hangover. You've awoken to a full snap story that carries regret and embarrassment which will stick with you until next weekend when you do it all again of course.

A night out is planned with your gal pals and you have to snap that you're having fun or else what is the point? you might as well just have stayed in your matching Christmas pyjamas even though it is march and watched a whole season on Netflix (have you heard they have friends - just putting that out there).

So out comes the phone get ready to cringe because your snap story will contain all of these:

1. The 10th selfie of the night with you and your gals saying squad goals and the two pink heart emojis because you're basic af. COME ON.everyone who is my friend on snapchat needs to know that I’m not only in a squad but everyone wants to be us. Girls pose around me and Helen try not to look as drunk as that.

2. Lip-syncing video because you love this song. who doesn't want to see right inside your mouth while your lip-syncing your little heart out to shout out to my ex - you know who you are Ryan this is for you.

3. OMG work’s on, better do at leat 15 full videos of you and your gals moving those hips. You and your friends could be professional dancers lets not lie so lets show those moves off on this really overcrowded dance floor where someone will probably spill their drink all over you. sticky and sweaty. great.

4. toilet selfie with some random girls who just told you the love your hair although it is stuck to your neck with sweat. Instagram names and follows then fly around the toilet and everyone becomes best friends #toiletfriends

5. A quality snapchat picture of some empty plastic glasses with the remains of your sula and a £16 liquid lipstick on the rim (it promised me it would stay on all night v.disappointed). the only reason they're empty is because you were too excited to get drunk and didn't get your snapchat out in time, so a quick pic of an empty one shows everyone that your staying hydrated which is all they really care about.

6. OMG!!! my jams on this means more dancing videos which are just so sharp, so clear, and not just throwing your phone camera round the dance floor filming all your drunk friends dancing badly. by this time are too drunk to even know what song it is but you just know its your jam. of course everyone needs to see Helen slutdropping repeatedly until she eventually falls and begs you not to snap it but you do anyway. Sorry Helen its for the fans.

7. Chicken Nuggets. is there any better taste than a drunk chicken nugget at 3 in the morning, i think not better - post me with my eyes closed loving the nugget life.

8. obvs you've got to snapchat the taxi ride home with the time stamp because people need to know that youre party animal and stay out till 3am. Good old drunk banter with the fed up taxi driver who has had to stop several times for Helen to get some air otherwise she’ll throw up - shouldn't of drunk 18 jagerbombs Helen, know your limits

9. Drunk snap to everyone saying you got home okay and had the best night ever because you know they'd be up all night fraught with worry i mean I've given them entertainment for the whole night the least they could do is care.