Hey Beautifuls,

It's me again. xD I just wanted to give you the questions so you can copy them cuz it's a little easier like that than trying to copy them from my article since I used pics and videos. And now go, try this challenge and have fun. :) <3

Feel free to check out my article where I tried this challenge :)


Day 1.
Favorite Director/s?

Day 2.
Favorite Male Actor/s?

Day 3.
Favorite Female Actor/s?

Day 4.
Underrated Actor/Actress?

Day 5.
Underrated Movie/s?

Day 6.
Favorite Adventure/Action Movie/s?

Day 7.
Favorite Fantasy/Science Fiction Movie/s?

Day 8.
Favorite Horror Movie/s?

Day 9.
Favorite Comdey Movie/s?

Day 10.
Movie that makes you happy?

Day 11.
Favorite Sad Movie/s?

Day 12.
Favorite Animated Movie/s (Cartoon/Anime/Stop-Motion etc.)?

Day 13.
Favorite Classic Movie/s?

Day 14.
Favorite Documentary/s?

Day 15.
Favorite Movie/s From Your Childhood?

Day 16.
Movie That No One Would Expect You To Love?

Day 17.
Movie That You Know Practically The Whole Script Of?

Day 18.
Movie That Disappointed You?

Day 19.
Movie You Can't Stand?

Day 20.
Best Movie Of 2016?

Day 21.
Best Movie Of 2017 So Far?

Day 22.
Last Movie You Saw In Theaters?

Day 23.
Favorite Villain (Any Movie)?

Day 24.
Favorite "Hero" (Any Movie)?

Day 25.
Favorite Friendship (any Movie)?

Day 26.
Favorite Love Story (Any Movie)?

Day 27.
Favorite Movie Of All Time?

Day 28.
Favorite Charachter/s Of Your Favorite Movie?

Day 29.
Movie With The Best Soundtrack?

Day 30.
Favorite Quote/s?