oh my god, how I wish I'd never got your text.
How I wish you'd never talked to me at all because now I'm choking on the words I didn't end up saying and it feels hard to breathe.
Yeah right, my heart still beats but somehow I haven't been alive for days.
oh my god, how I wish I would have never looked at you and how I wish wouldn't have seen all the things in you that were not even there.
Yeah right, I've been tired for days but I'm scared of sleeping, I'm scared of dreaming and seeing your face when all I wanna do is to erase it from my mind.
oh my god, how I wish I wouldn't fall for people just to end up being stuck on the ground because I'm always the one who tries too hard.
I'm counting all the questions that will never be answered and I'm still asking myself how I could've been so stupid.
My heart is hurting and my head is hurting and everytime I laugh I actually want to slam my head against the wall because laughing is probably the last thing I wanna do right now.
oh my god, how I wish I would just forget you and your words and all the things that didn't even matter.