Seventh: you are not what they think or say that you are.

Mean people like to invent rumored and lies about each other and I really don't know why. How someone can be happy saying lies, that they know that are lies about another person? That's ridiculous. And you know what is more ridiculous? Someone who believes in it this is even worse when they know that this is not true, that this can't be true, but, they support. That's horrendous but I don't care about they, I care about you, you that are in the hurricane center, you that are the target know. Sit here, we need to talk. You is the only person that can't believe in what they say, you is the only one that matters. Read, a fact, if they said that I'm a "bitc*" because they "saw" me with all the boys in my street and I know that I was in my home watching Netflix or even that in my street I just meet one boy, why this lie should put me down? They are calling the wrong girl "bitc*", I'm not it so why I should give attention to they? You don't should! If you want to face it make they prove, say that you want pics but if you just want it to pass, just know that they are not talking about the real you, just about the character that they create with your name. You're not what they said that you are and you know it. Who really loves you know it. Don't worry, it is just teenagers or adults dressed in insults for their unresolved frustrations. Press the bottom "I don't care".

Eighth: Yourself.

Everyone have something or some things that don't like in themselves. Some of them try to "correct" it with makeup, with plastic surgery, with braces, with gym, anyways, today we have a lot of options to change a-ny-thing that we want to change in our outside or even inside, but... What about you? You don't like something in you? Maybe your hair or nose? I just want to know why. Why you don't like it? It's because someone told you that it's ugly? It's because your favorite singer are slim? It's because your friend has so many boys wanting her because of her straight hair drained? Or... It is because YOU just don't like it? See the difference? Some things bother us but sometimes some people bother us and listen me, you don't will like to change because someone changed or because your think that you're not beautiful or good enough compared to someone. Thats not right. YOU don't like your nose? YOU think that you would be more happy if your hair was straight? I support you to change. Anything to make you happy darling but... If you want to change because someone called you ugly, someone think that you need change anything or someone said that you would be better "like this" and not "like this", I advise you to put a mirror in front of you and again be 100% sincerely. You want to change anything? It's because of your health? Your happiness? Or for anyone? Or for fit in the society's mold? Don't change for anyone, just for yourself, your deserve the better of you, so, change for YOUR happiness, for YOUR health, for YOUR own concept of beauty, in the final, it's all about you.

Ninth: they/he/she really deserve you?

Well, for some people life's a competition where we have just one first place for 7.2 billion people so they will try to use each other, to pass in front, they'll cheat and manipulate each other so you have to be with your two yes open for it. Anyone have the right to use you, to manipulate you or say what you have to do. If you think that someone is trying to do or its doing this with you, you have to be clean and make it stop. Don't let a abusive boyfriend say what you have to do and what you can or can't do, this is not love, this is not even consideration. Your friends exist to be by your side, to share happy and sad moments, to help you and be helped by you not to use you as a right ride or for take your money (always, always and always), this is abusive and the final is they letting you after don't need more anything from you.

Tenth: You don't have to do a thing that you know that will go wrong.

Influence exist and anyone is safe of it, they are in all around the world and in places or people that you couldn't imagine. Again it's a question about principles, self-thinking and what you know and learned about right and wrong. You don't like alcohol? It's simple, don't drink it, don't drink it because it's "cool" because "everybody is drinking" you're really not everybody and they will be drunk in few hours or moments, being ashamed by themselves, that's not cool by my eyes. You don't like drugs? Be distant. Everything that I'll list here have consequences, everything have consequences, we learn about it touching in something hot or even in the fire when we were kids. You don't like drugs? Don't want drugs? Don't consume it, anyone can force it and if they do it, scream, call for anyone, call the cops, run, just try to get out of there, you can do it? I hope yes! This is for anything, alcohol, a party that you don't want to go, drugs, have sex with someone or even kiss. Just do what you want to do and remember that your choices have consequences.

Eleventh: what is love for you?

In these days everyone have your own theory about love, what's yours? What you think that is the real love? Not just talking about a boyfriend, a husband or the prince in the white horse. Search for the real love, love is help, is care, is suffer with someone, is put someone that you care in the first place, love is sacrifice, love is in the little moments, little favors, little things. We need to open our eyes to the person who wants to help us, who care about us, who helps or even try and we forget it with all the problems in our heads. You just stopped to think if someone is really trying to help you? Look forward, don't let the demonstrations of love without the pronounce of this word pass by you and let you alone. Look for love.

Twelfth: Whats it really suicide?

In my opinion suicide is more than people can see, it's exactly what's behind the person who think about it or do it. It's the bad force who try everyday to convince and control your mind, showing you reasons why you have to do it. This is a war who sometimes the death wins and sometimes you win. Suicide is more serious that you can imagine. It's a girl saying for herself that she can't live anymore, it's a boy saying for himself that he will not see the sun tomorrow, suicide it's a mother giving up watching their sons growing, it's a daddy that don't believe in him no more, it's a teenager letting the opportunities that God makes for her die... It's a fourth man abandoning himself... It's someone saying goodbye for themselves and it is not right in any point of view l, this is not a way, don't exist a reason to make your own heart that where with you all these times making you breath, making you alive, supporting you, don't exist a reason to make him die. Suicide is it, a abandon. Abandon of yourself first, second for your family and friends, third for your dreams, fourth for everything that you have, fifth for everything that you have supported and lived. Suicide is cruel, it's not fair with who do it or even think. Suicide does not have to exist, it's not a option. This is not a option.

Thirteenth: did you believe in God? That's the biggest reason to don't commit suicide. He is the only that you need. He is the love, he loves you even if you don't believe in him or you don't believe in it. Gods in for you, God wants to protect you, to give for you happiness, pleasure, real friends, peace of mind, but he is a King and will not invade your heart, He want you to open the for and let He pass. Jesus, his son, wants to hear your feelings, to solve your problems, to help you with no return, He is love and wants to show you His love, to me you feel His love and never be distant of Him again. Let Jesus cure you, let Jesus be your best friend and you'll see the real transformation of yourself. Don't believe in what they do about God, about Jesus, anything is true, did you know what's true? What Jesus show for your spirit and heart, this is true. Just believe. Just be alive.

That's all guys, we are here if you need, you're not alone. Thank you for you'll that read this to the final! I hope something change inside of you! Cya soon Xx