Our eyes made contact. For a second I almost smiled,until i looked down to your hands and there were the hands of another girl.You let go of her hand and she walked away from me the second you saw me. But why? Do you still care? Because if that’s what you’re trying to prove, I don’t believe one fucking bit of it. Not anymore. Not after today. I was so fucking close. So close to not caring about what you do. But there you were. Holding another girl’s hand in front of me And then the fact that you have the nerve to come and try and talk to me. Like, what the fuck? I guess you just don’t understand how much you can hurt someone. Words,actions,looks,touch. You don’t know the amount of power you have to hurt someone. I guess you don’t even know you’re hurting me. Why don’t you care. I gave you so much and I can’t stop thinking about the fact that you probably thought it wasn’t enough and so you left. How wasn’t I enough. Holy shit I really thought I was. I hate this. I hate how it’s the girl that I met a week before with you before you left. How does that make sense. How does love make sense. How did our love make sense?

-At the bottom again pt4