I was so inspired today and I wanted to write all day long but I had to study too, but now I am free and just found a new topic hope u like it.

.1 Cute but Nerd

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A guy who has all of the qualitys of a nerd (such as playing video games, reading comic books, liking Star Wars, ect.) but also has a social acceptence, sense of personal style, and great confidence when expressing their intelect.

.2 The Bad Boy

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A young man who has many characteristics of a naughty boy: he's independent and willful; he does what he wants when he wants; he doesn't follow trends, they follow him; he often looks scruffy, but hip; he's not looking for trouble, but there's a sense of danger about him. For these reasons and more, he's irresistible to women. He's a heartbreaker with five o'clock shadow.

.3 Mr. Nice Romantic Guy

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A romantic is a person who believes in romanticism, which is like a philosophy on life. Romantics love nature, old things like castles and churches, love poetry and beauty, and have a tendency to get carried away by ideas.

.4 Sexy Older Guy

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A man who is old enough to have settled into his skin and has been involved with enough women to know that you require much more than dinner and a few martinis to get into the mood. Best of all, he never makes you late for dinner because he's not playing Xbox.

.5 The Bodybuilder

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A kind of athelete who will work out with heavy weights and consume large amounts of protein. Attempts to acheive a muscular and well-defined body.

Hoped you liked it?