Hello stranger,
I feel like writing and that's why I'm doing this right now.
I'm absolutely sorry for my horrible english btw. ,haha.

Some people might think I'm absolutely crazy.
Some people might think I'm disgusting and of course -
Some people absolutely hate me.
But I´m ok with that.
I'm absolutely ok with that.
A few months ago,these things absolutely destroyed me.
I was so insecure about myself,and I completely hated me for being me.
I'm not perfect and I don't want to be perfect anymore.
Life is about so much more.
I mean,it's ok that I'm fat and it is absolutely ok that I'm not the prettiest.
The important thing is not my look.It's my character and of course, maybe I'm not the nicest person on earth but I can say that I'm a honest person.
Some people hate that.
I mean,they hate the truth.
They living their life like a lie and they are happy with it.
I don't want to live a lie anymore.
I wan't to be proud about being me and I want to love myself.
And maybe one day I'll be happy.
And I hope you'll be happy too.

All the Love,x.