Since autumn is on his way here are some fashion trends to make a good start in this cold and wet weather.

I recognized that red is the new colour for this season and in every shops you can buy something cute like a dress, pullover, shoes or just a scarf. Some looks in red I found for you:

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Moreover yellow can be really cute:

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look how perfect yellow can be! It looks so fresh and you have to be in a good mood.

Then there are sweaters. I personally love those, I mean who not love them? They are so soft and comfortable, it is like you are at home the whole time. The perfect colour for a sweater would be grey, white, red, rosa and black. Every other color would be good too, but these are my personal favorites.
Trending sweaters now are long ones.

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Of course there are jackets. Long coats are perfect when it gets colder so you can keep yourself warm. These cosy short jackets are also cute.

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A trend what I really like are those cardigans which are mostly long. They make a outfit complete!

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The next thing are shoes: you can still wear sneakers or boots if you like to, because the weather is mostly not really cold and not really hot. Cool sneakers are from Puma, Nike or Adidas.

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The perfect accessoire when it is getting colder is a scarf. Here are some inspiration for some scarfs that look soo good!

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If you want more Inspiration:

So i hope you like my first article and i am really sorry for every mistake, but I am from Germany and English is my second language.

Lots of Love
Ann :)