Hello, again! And, hopefully, welcome back! If you haven't already read my first article on tips and tricks for a successful** We Heart It account I suggest you do so first. I split this article up into two because I didn't want it to be overwhelmingly long.

Now, here are seven more tips and my advice for you on WHI.

  • Tip #8 Postcards

Postcards, or messaging someone, is not necessary and certainly not in excess. On the other hand, If someone tags you or inspires you, it’s great to thank them or let them know! I have been tagged in multiple articles now and I enjoy letting them know that I saw it and greatly appreciate it by saying thank you. It’s good to show gratitude and since We Heart It is a platform run by the people, or heartists, kindness can go a long way. And who knows, you could make someone’s day!

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  • Tip #9 Keep Up With Current Popularity

I am not saying that you only have to post what is “popular” to be “popular.” However, it is helpful to know what is currently trending. If you are looking to increase your followers, knowing if the image you want to post is one that the people would want to see is key. You definitely don’t have to do this for every post or even any post. We Heart It should be fun and not make you worry about what a “correct” post is.

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  • Tip #10 Follow Important People

This is completely optional. Don’t feel pressure to follow those who don’t inspire you. However, following the WHI Editor, creator, CEO, We Heart It and Team We Heart It can get you noticed by them. If your image or article gets followed by just one of them, you benefit from their large follower account. For example, others who see your article is hearted by them have a higher chance of reading it.

@fabiogiolito - Creator
@timjcrow - CEO

  • Tip #11 Be Friendly

People respond to kindness. It’s important to be polite while speaking your mind. I always say, when in doubt, put in a disclaimer. People will understand. For example, I put a disclaimer in one of my sadder articles that my intent was not to bring anyone down. That article, in fact, had a rather uplifting ending. However, just to be on the safe side, I wanted to let my readers know my intent.

  • Tip #12 Be Open

We Heart It is still the internet. Therefore, I think we do need to be somewhat cautious about what we say about our personal lives, not because I think any heartist will intentionally abuse the information, but it is still the internet so I would be careful. However, there is something to be gained by being more open and “real” if you will. I was nervous to be more open but it is really true that people are looking for others that can relate to them and have struggles rather than someone with a false air of “perfect“ surrounding them. An example would be my Independence and Motivation article. I was open and honest about something and that article turned out to receive the most amount of hearts for all of my #WhiChallenge answers. People want to see you be real and relatable, not “perfect.”

My Independence and Motivation article link:

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  • Tip #13 Be Patient

If an increase in followers is something that you really want, try not to expect it overnight. WHI is for you. When you find that one image or write that article that just absolutely makes your follower count skyrocket, it can very exciting! And there are a few tricks out there to help you achieve that. But, for the most part, I would say don’t try to gain followers. Let that happen naturally by being who you are and posting what makes you happy.

My skyrocket experience stems from my Back to school articles and the creation of my #WhiChallenge. I had no knowledge in advance that these would be so successful. I wrote them simply because I wanted to.

My Back to School article links:

My Get to Know Me Challenge article link:

  • Tip #14 Ultimately Heart For You

We Heart It is personal to everyone individually. When you heart for yourself, it’s more enjoyable and everything will fall into place. So, write what you want. Post what you want. Be you.

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Thank you so much for reading my article! I hope you have enjoyed and maybe even learned something to use in the future. Let me know what you thought of this article idea or if you have any tips or comments by sending me a postcard! I'd love to hear from you.

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**success - Success does not necessarily mean a thriving account with thousands of followers. I do not mean in any way to make anyone feel like their account is not good enough. Everyone's account is personal to them. I simply thought I would share some advice. Thanks for understanding.