Hey beautifuls,

As I was surfing the endless vastness of the internet I found this awesome challenge and thought "Hey, that's awesome!" and I'm sure some Hearters would love it. Since I'm a movie freak I (of course) tried it too and it seriously is much harder than it looks like. 😂 📽️🎞️📺

Day 1. - Favorite Director/s?
Probably Peter Jackson and Wes Ball. 💗

Superthumb Legolas
Peter and Orlando Bloom. <3
KAYA SCODELARIO, ki hong lee, and the scorch trials image
Wes, between Kaya Scodelario and Thomas Brodie-Sangster. <3

Day 2. - Favorite Male Actor/s?
Iwan Rheon and Thomas Brodie-Sangster. 💗

misfits kiss
In the second pic you can see Iwan as Simon in Misfits with Robert Sheehan
actor newt
Thomas as Newt in the new The Death Cure (Maze Runner Series) trailer with Dylan O'Brien. <3
My Iwan Rheon Collection. <3
My Thomas Brodie-Sangster Collection. <3

Day 3. - Favorite Female Actor/s?
Emma Watson, Margaret Rutherford and Maisie Williams. 💗

actress Superthumb
Emma. <3 • Margaret as Miss Jane Marple. <3
maisie williams and game of thrones image
Maisie. <3

Day 4. - Underrated Actor/Actress?
Actually both, Iwan Rheon and TBS. Iwan Rheon is fantastic! He takes his roles sooo serious, He deserves way more attention. And he is so down to earth. And TBS acting skills are phenomenal!! And that at his age. He is extremely smart and also extremely down to earth. They are awesome and gonna be huge someday. 💗

Day 5. - Underrated Movie/s?
The 13th Warrior, A Knights Tale. (Heath Ledger movies in general) 💗

Superthumb heath ledger
The 13th Warrior and A Knights Tale. <3

Day 6. - Favorite Adventure/Action Movie/s?
• Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (Indiana in general)
• The Maze Runner (and TST of course)
• Stand By Me

Superthumb chuck
Indiana Jones and The Maze Runner. (& TST) <3
stand by me and movie image
Stand By Me. <3

Here, some Stand By Me childhood vibes. <3

Day 7. - Favorite Fantasy/Science Fiction Movie/s?
Omg I love so many. I tell you some but not all cuz it's simply impossible😂(not according to popularity)
• Harry Potter
• Dragonheart
• Willow
• The Lost Boys

daniel radcliffe the lord of the rings
Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings. <3
beautiful, childhood, and medieval image
Dragonheart. <3
Superthumb Superthumb
Willow and The Lost Boys. <3

Day 8. - Favorite Horror Movie/s?
Maybe Jeepers Creepers. xD Idk I usually hate horror movies. 😂

jeepers creepers image

Day 9. - Favorite Comedy Movie/s?
• Monty Phyton's Life Of Brian
• Monty Phyton And The Holy Grail
• Project X
• American Pie Movies 💗💗

Superthumb Superthumb
Life of Brian and The Holy Grail. <3
boys movie
Project X and American Pie 2. <3

Day 10. - Movie that makes you happy?
Barbie Movies 😂😂 only the old ones! xD and Disney movies like Alice In Wonderland and Lion King xD

barbie image
Barbie as Rapunzel. <3
alice disney
Alice In Wonderland and The Lion King. <3

Day 11. - Favorite Sad Movie/s?
Pearl Harbor and Saving Private Ryan. 😢
I love these movies even tho they are sooo sad. 😢💔

Superthumb soldier
Pearl Harbor and Saving Private Ryan. <3

Day 12. - Favorite Animated Movie/s (Cartoon/Anime/Stop-Motion etc.)?

anime princess
Howls Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke. <3

Day 13. - Favorite Classic Movie/s?
• It's a wonderful life (Love love love James Stewart)
• Murder, She Said, Murder At The Gallop, Murders Most Foul, Murder Ahoy (Basically all the Miss Marple Movies with Margaret Ruhterford)
• The "La Boum" Movies
• Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movies. (Terence was so hot omgf)
• Doris Day movies!!! 💗 My mom, granny and I love her sooo much. 💗

it's a wonderful life Superthumb
It's A Wonderful Life and Murder At The Gallop. <3
Superthumb Superthumb
La Boum 1 and They Call Me Trinity. ("Terence" and "Bud") <3
doris day and gif image
Doris in The Thrill Of It All. <3

Day 14. - Favorite Documentary/s?
I don't know any title, but all kinds World War docus and animal and nature docus. 💗 Believe it or not, documentaries are actually what I watch the most on TV. 😂

Day 15. - Favorite Movie/s From Your Childhood?
Omg DEFINITELY Jurassic Park 1 and 2!!! The Last Unicorn. 💗 And Ferris Bueller's Day Off 💗
Also Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, Doris Day, La Boum. Basically all the classics too, cuz I grew up with them. 💗💗

dinosaur Superthumb
Jurassic Park 1 and The Last Unicorn. <3
ferris bueller's day off and ferris bueller image
Ferris Bueller's Day Off. <3

Day 16. - Movie That No One Would Expect You To Love?
I actually really enjoy the "Scary Movie" movies. 😂😂

scream, funny, and scary movie image

Day 17. - Movie That You Know Practically The Whole Script Of?
The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. 💗💗💗

adventure, movie, and writing image

Day 18. - Movie That Disappointed You?
The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2. I was sooo excited but didn't liked it that much so I was a lil disappointed. I liked the book better.

katniss, peeta, and mockingjay image

Day 19. - Movie You Can't Stand?
Can't think of one rn. Probably some kind of horror movie. I hate the "Wrong Turn" movies cuz I'm scared af. xD

Halloween, horror, and scary image

Day 20. - Best Movie Of 2016?
Warcraft: The Beginning. ##FORTHEHORDE 💗💗

gif, movie, and warcraft image

Day 21. - Best Movie Of 2017 So Far?
The Beauty And The Beast (the new one obviously 😂)

beast, beauty, and dance image

Day 22. - Last Movie You Saw In Theaters?
It's been a while. Warcraft: The Beginning. 💗

gif and warcraft film image

Day 23. - Favorite Villain (Any Movie)?
Omg this is the hardest for me. I don't have a fav villain from a movie so I go with my fav villain in general who is from a book. (A Song Of Ice And Fire) You all have at least heard of the Tv Show, Game Of Thrones and my fav character there (and in the books) is one the villains. It's Lord Ramsay Bolton played by Iwan Rheon. 💗 He is one of the most hated characters and I totally understand why. 😂😂 He's just an a%$*ole, especially if you read the books you know why everyone hates him. Well most people who watch GOT hate Ramsay anyway, but those who read the books know, compared to the book Ramsay, TV Ramsay is a pretty nice guy. 😂 😂 But yeah whatever, he's my fav I adore him, he's just pure evil. 😂💗

gif, Hot, and house image

Day 24. - Favorite "Hero" (Any Movie)?

harry potter, hedwig, and owl image
Harry Potter. (Daniel Radcliffe obviously 😂)

Day 25. - Favorite Friendship (any Movie)?

adventure image
Gordie, Chris, Teddy, Vern (Wil Wheaton, River Pheonix, Corey Feldman 💗, Jerry O'Connell), Stand By Me. Their friendship is awesome!
harry potter, book, and hp image
And Harry and Ron. (Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint)💗

Day 26. - Favorite Love Story (Any Movie)?

Ben Affleck Superthumb
Rafe and Evelyn (Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale), Pearl Harbor. 💗

Day 27. - Favorite Movie Of All Time?

best friends, Dominic Monaghan, and elijah wood image
The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy for 16 years now. 💗

Day 28. - Favorite Charachter/s Of Your Favorite Movie?
OMG nooo. I love them all. xD

LOTR, lord of the rings, and orlando bloom image
arwen aragorn
Gandalf, Legolas, Aragorn, Arwen and Sam. And I loved Boromir. 💗

Day 29. - Movie With The Best Soundtrack?
There are more movies with awesome soundtracks like Pearl Harbor, The 13th Warrior, Narnia but my fav is also LOTR. 💗

Pearl Harbor, at 0:55. <3

The 13th Warrior, 1:39. <3

The Chronicles Of Narnia, 2:50. <3

LOTR Rohan Theme, 4:10. <3

LOTR Samwise The Brave. <3

Day 30. - Favorite Quote/s?

fear, god, and pray image
"Let not my enemies triumph over me" - Pvt. Daniel Jackson, Saving Private Ryan I even have a Tattooed. 💗
So, that's it. xD I hope you liked it and please try this challenge too, it was really fun and I'd love to read yours. 💗