i'm trina. but no one actually calls me like that.

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yes, i did give myself a pen name and this is the frst thing that you will get to know about me.

i'm not forcing you to read this article. it's nothing special, probably just a waste of your very important lifetime on this little part of the whole big universe.

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but... it is something that has a meaning for me. something, that will hopefully make my time on the same little part of the world that you live in a little easier.

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easier? did i really say that?

nothing is easy. the word "easy" itself is not that easy. let's think of the people which native language isn't english or those who can't talk at all.

i don't have free time. the things i'm recently doing the most are only studying, sleeping and eating. you know what school is. well, i'm going through that period of our lifes in which the teenagers get pimples and acne, the desire to do sex and drink alcohol... puberty? puberty.
but i'll talk about this later.

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why am i here? i never answered. until now.
i'm here to express the deep thoughts that are stuck in my mind. i'm here to discuss and think on struggles in life, inspirational quotes, weird sayings... to give opinion, search motivation in my own words, make you laugh, make myself laugh at my pathetic skills in english... i'm also here to find myself.

no... i'm here to CREATE myself.

and have you created yourself yet or are you hiding your impersonal soul under a foreign mask? because once you establish the person you are, you will never be able to change the seed you planted inside your mind.

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i'm trina. and i am too young to know what the meaning of life is. but i'm also too smart to wait for the answers to hit my mind themselves.