Hey everyone below is a list of my favorite sooty movies!! (along with my version of the summary)

BUT first get cozy, gather your friends, and get some yummy snacks and treats!!!

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1. Hocus Pocus

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3 witches awake from the dead and go on a hunt to find children

2. Coraline

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a girl moves into a new home and finds a secret door that leads to an alternate universe

3. Corpse Bride

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about 2 corpses getting married (LOVE this movie).

4. Casper the friendly ghost

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casper tries to bring himself back to life but instead he meets a girl in "his" home

5.Halloween town (series)

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the series of movies consists of Marnie and her siblings and of course her grandmother traveling to halloweentown, and making the town happy and spooky

6. Twitches

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two twins discover that they are not only sisters but have magic as well

7. The Haunted Mansion

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a family moves into a mansion in which they later discover that is haunted.

8. Double Double Toil and Trouble

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movie is so underrated !!! the twins try to outsmart an evil aunt.

9. Scooby Doo

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the scooby gang busts a mystery at the island.

10. Scary Movie (series)

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each movie in the series consist of a spooky movie with hilarious comedy!

(not including descriptions sorry).

1. Insidious (series)

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2. The Conjuring

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3. Devil

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4. The Exorcist

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5. Last Shift

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6. Anabelle

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7. Amityville horror

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8. Paranormal Activity

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9. The haunting in Connecticut

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10. Stephen King's IT - 2017

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