All girls around there, I just want to say to you DON'T BE AFRAID, DARE TO BE THE GIRL GOD WANTS YOU TO BE!

Tell me about all this social media things. Most of the girls, what I did before, are following a lot of celebrities that influence them bad. And you know that, c'mon, admit it. You see her body on Instagram: "Why am I not like her?", you see how pretty she is and then you think: "She is a perfect girl, her lips, her nose, her teeth, now I know why I don't attract any boy...", but hey look at her clothes: "Why am I not rich like her? Why don't I have so much money to show others how great I am living too?". You know what, I am going to stop here. I think you see the point of it.

This was a huge problem for me and I think it is for most girls right now. You are finding inspiring people that should not be your inspiration. You see their Instagram feed and you think hmmm why is mine not like hers? You start feeling bad, you start feeling guilty, you start to blame your family like it's all their fault. You blame them because you got mad by a celebrity. I think that is not only bad for your family, it is bad for you too. You, dear You who read this article: WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO YOURSELF? Why don't you make yourself free of it? You won't miss anything important, trust me.

I am not saying you should unfollow everyone who makes you feel this way, but I did it, I unfollowed all the celebrities because I was jealous at them. And that is something you need to think about. It is totally different to be happy for someone and to be jealous of someone. Right now I do follow few, but seeing where they are with their life, how far they've come doesn't make me jealous of them anymore. It is also your decision who are you going to follow. I follow bloggers and celebrities I think influence me well.

However, behind all this, my point is that we as young women should be careful at this field. And, I mean, everyone talks what Kendall or Gigi are doing, but I think we forget someone who can truly be our inspiration, the life of woman we can consider as an example of how woman should live and that's Mother of God, Mary. Haven't you ever thought about her life, try to revolve her life. Don't you see how patient she was when she said yes to God's plan, put yourself at her place, would you say yes like she did, she was a woman of pure heart, she suffered so much when her son was crucified... Don't you think God gave us a mother you can only dream about? Don't you think we can't discover ourselves by trying to have virtues she has? I think we can. I think that is hard but beautiful way to get closer to God, to see what He has prepared for you.

Accept yourself, so you can work on yourself. Build yourself so Jesus can send His light to others through you.

I know it's hard, but hey, there's no other way to grow, to live this one life we have the right way, to truly be the woman, woman God created you to be. You are doing this for yourself!

Now say it: "I am doing this for me!"

God bless!