so this is a list about my aesthetic :)
aesthetic = what the individual finds beautiful in this world

the list:

- the kanken backpack, literally all the colors!

aesthetic image yellow and kanken image flowers, aesthetic, and grunge image aesthetic, tumblr, and grunge image

- mom jeans and wide leg pants

Temporarily removed alternative, fashion, and kfashion image girl, fashion, and outfit image Temporarily removed

- tennis skirts

pink, aesthetic, and grunge image clothes, fashion, and kfashion image Temporarily removed fashion image

- basically korean fashion

Temporarily removed fashion image Temporarily removed outfit, fashion, and girl image

- vincent van gogh, for sure!

art, van gogh, and starry night image art, van gogh, and painting image art and vangogh image vangogh and art image

- anything yellow

yellow, flowers, and girl image Temporarily removed harlem, places, and urban photography image yellow image

- plants!

flowers, green, and nature image flowers and garden image flowers, grunge, and alternative image Image removed

- and my boys, bts <3

bts, jungkook, and jin image bts, jin, and v image army, asian, and bangtan image Temporarily removed

- polaroid camera and photos

camera, sticker, and polaroid image aesthetics, backpack, and book image fujifilm, instax, and MLP image camera, instax, and flowers image

- vintage, specially the 90s

quotes, grunge, and pain image Inspiring Image on We Heart It music, jazz, and blues image food, fruit, and orange image

- boots and short boots

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed black, black jeans, and cool image shoes and aesthetic image

- japan / south korea culture

Image by アニ plants, japan, and flowers image theme, aesthetic, and food image Image by сαяατlσυε

- soft filter

grunge, alternative, and pale image Temporarily removed light, pastel, and photography image pastel, pink, and aesthetic image

- lana del rey

lana del rey, aesthetic, and lana image lana del rey image Temporarily removed lana del rey, grunge, and indie image

- lush <3

Temporarily removed lush, carefree, and theme image bath bomb, lush cosmetics, and lush store image Image by daria♡

- shiba (yas)

dog, aesthetic, and animal image Temporarily removed cat, doggo, and cute image Image removed

- small tattoos

Temporarily removed arm, earth, and outlines image Temporarily removed aesthetic, beautiful, and black image

- sailor moon, spirited away, my neighbor totoro

90s, anime, and asian image spirited away, chihiro, and anime image ghibli image My Neighbor Totoro and studio ghibli image

- colors !!

Temporarily removed all, colors, and doors image dog, flowers, and pug image indie and vintage image

- adidas stuff

Inspiring Image on We Heart It adidas, black, and hair image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed

sooo that's all I can come up with right now, it probably more, but yeeeaa:) thanks for checking this out!