he held me, he made me a promise 'together forever or not at all' I saw the look in his eyes the look he gave me like I was the only person that mattered to him It felt strange how can one person could make you this happy.
Beautiful as a flower on a summers day that broke into a million pieces like a glass mirror, It wasn't easy for me to understand what was going on because I only knew how to love, prepared or not for what came next I had no one and no clue on how to deal with it. It wasn't because I was a loser or a freak, because I didn't know how to trust people or let people in, the person I let it lied I mean people lie all the time but not like this not so secretive and hurtful about it.
Myself and I had to cut it there, leave everything my hopes, my dreams and most of all my love, how? it wasn't a trick question I mean it wasn't hard for me to give up. Who am I kidding it was torture I lost myself, I turned into someone I thought I'd never be because of him, he was meant to love me, he promise me forever.

My past defined me people used my past against me in a heat of an argument not directly to hurt me but in the end it did, I wasn't a slut or whatever you call them girls, the worst thing is I'm a virgin and no one will know the truth, I mean the story. my parents represented a reason why I never ever wanted to fall in love, as much as I thought they loved another but screaming at each other because they didn't have enough money to buy food to feed us or cloth us but I'm turning 16 soon and they have given me everything and anything I wanted no matter how much it cost, love is a very unusual word, DNA can change how you love someone because the way jealously comes towards you one minute you could be arguing and then the next you have "her" neck within your hands, this isn't who you are but it runs in your DNA, not everyone is like this but the odd 20% are.
Love love love? I do say its useless and we shouldn't love until marriage or some shit like that but we can not help it if we cross paths with a beautiful stranger and get the slight erg to chase after them.
Do you love someone because of their looks or because what matters on the inside?