Day 1: List 20 random facts about yourself

1. I'm short, only 163 cm

2. I don't like chocolate (I know I'm strange)

3. Two foods I can't stand are olives and spicy

4. I'm friendly

5. I really like shopping and make-up

6. I'm Italian, but I love English and I always try to improve it (sorry if I may miss)

7. My favorite city is New York, and one day I would live in America or in a foreign country

8. I want to be right in every situation

9. I'm a university student, I'm studying economy and management in Italy

10. I love reading love stories

11. My two faves films are Fifty Shades Of Gray and Fifty Shades Darker, I'd watch that film million times

12. I have a cat, her name is Birba

13. There's 4 members in my family

14. I'd like to be running a company

15. I really love my parents, they are everything

16. I'm really sweet

17. I'm in love with a bigger boy, he is my anchor

18. My fave food is avocado (I put it everywhere)

19. I want a tattoo, but I'm not fully convinced about it

20. I really really really love travelling