Black and White with Green Plants
room, home, and white image room, home, and decor image white, bed, and room image decor and room image
plants, white sheets, photos, clean shelves
Blue and Grey
home, room, and bedroom image bedroom, room, and world image bedroom, room, and bed image bedroom, room, and white image
blankets, throws, wall decor, small accents
Dusty Pink and Grey
Temporarily removed bedroom, room, and home image room, home, and bedroom image bedroom, design, and home image
white sheets, pink/grey throw pillows, blankets
Cosy Indie
room, bedroom, and light image alternative, home, and indie image Image removed bedroom, room, and tumblr image
wall tapestry, fairy lights, clothing rails, blankets
Bright Sunflower
bedroom, decor, and home image sunflowers, room inspirations, and tumblr image room, sunflower, and bedroom image home, bedroom, and sunflower image
sunflower tapestry, throw pillows, fairy lights
Minimalist Neutrals
aesthetic, beige, and clothes image alternative, aesthetic, and bed image aesthetic, home, and room image bed, coffee, and decor image
white sheets, beige accents, light wood furniture
VSCO Teen Theme
Image removed bedroom, home, and interior image bedroom and room image college, room, and school image
scrunchie displays, photo wall, pops of colour

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