So excited to find out that we heart it has this new feature!!! (Don´t know if it is old or kinda new, because I haven´t logged in for a while).

One of my low key dreams is to become a blogger (other low key dreams include: become a pop star, have a start up, save the world of climate change and become president), so I am really excited for this opportunity.

In order to start my we heart it blog, I would like to first introduce myself to my future fan base (just kidding, I'm not doing this for the fame, it is more like a personal goal, but if you get trapped by my charisma and charm, that´s allright I suppose).

So lets get started:

My name is Jazmin, I am 20 years old and I am peruvian.

That means, my mother language is actually spanish, not english (write in the comments if you would rather read my blog in spanish, or if my english is not bueno enough).

That is my basic information. Other fun facts you might be interested in are:

  • Im half italian, but I can´t speak italian (I blame my father for not teaching me)
  • I went to a german school in Peru, which means I can speak german (but not italian, see the identity crisis right there?). Ich habe die Abitur gemacht.
  • Im a nerd, I pay special attention to my grades (if you would like some advice on how to get good grades let me know!)
  • I make my own flowercrowns, I´m hoping of having my own flowerband brand someday
  • I study business administration here in Peru
  • Relationship status : in a long distance relationship with the kindest, cutest man in the universe (wanna know about my love story? spoiler alert: he was my crush in high school)

Now you´ve read some of my basic information, but probably you are asking yourself: But can we be friends?? Is it woth it to spend my time reading this funny girl future articles?

Here is a list of my hobbies and things I like

so you can decide by yourself:

book, coffee, and autumn image Temporarily removed book, vintage, and glasses image book image
In love with journals, diy enthusiast and washitape fan
harry potter, hermione, and hermione granger image harry potter, gryffindor, and book image Image removed harry potter, emma watson, and rupert grint image
Temporarily removed quotes, life, and happiness image
Inspirational quotes lover
Temporarily removed shoes image Temporarily removed Image removed
Would wear anything with a floral print
woman, goals, and quotes image study, iphone, and school image flowers, coffee, and school image quotes, Dream, and motivation image
Deeply in love with my personal goals

Let me know what would you like to read about, or what are you interested in. I will start writing one article per week and see how it goes.
It was really nice to meet you!