concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.
"the pictures give great aesthetic pleasure"

warning, this article literally has no point to it

i have four different aestethics...

it sounds weird but idk lets do it this way

my dark/sad aestethic (idk what to call it)

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed logan lerman, sad, and okay image boy, mirror, and grunge image angel, black, and boy image grunge, mad, and quotes image boy, smoke, and grunge image Temporarily removed

my "pretty" aestethic

autumn, aesthetic, and fall image foxtail image bbc, cool, and idk image harry potter image autumn, cozy, and fall image autumn image house and foxtail image aesthetic, autumn, and fall image
all creed to simply_kenna since these are all pictures from her videos/quotes she has said in the videos (not her quotes as far as i know though)

so this next one is similar but is still not the same okok

my vintage aestethic

vintage, typewriter, and photography image book and vintage image city, travel, and house image book, vintage, and old image vintage, city, and photography image tea, cup, and vintage image book, old, and vintage image letters, vintage, and indie image Temporarily removed vintage and music image cat, book, and tea image book, reading, and indie image
i added a bit too many on this one but who cares?

my idek man aestethic

sad, that 70s show, and quotes image arctic monkeys, grunge, and pale image adidas, aesthetic, and beige image alien, makeup, and pink image my little pony image sticker, aesthetic, and pale image alien, art, and aesthetic image gif, amazingphil, and dan and phil image

i dont really see what the point with this article was but yeah there you go now you have some aestethic inspiration i guess

of course there's my winnie the pooh one and christmas one too but i think you get those, right?

i am saying goodbye with a quote that i hold dear,

"there might be a god, Clary, and there might not. either way, we're on our own"
- Jace wayland


my two "aestethic" collections