Hey guys! Today, I'm going to talk about something that i absolutely love, and that's travel! i haven't been everywhere on this beautiful and really big world that we have, but is definitely on my list!
i think we aren't born to pay bills,live a little bit and die.I think you should travel as much as you can,as long as you can, because life is suppose to be lived in so many different places that you can explore and have a lot of cool adventures.So travel is really important to me :) This is my top 5 places/countrys i want to go!!! (btw i want to go everywhere)


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"How can you not love New York?" by the amazing Serena VanderWoodsen. its true! i love the nature but i always loved NY, i really don't know why,i think this city just makes so happy and excited and i love the vibes! Is really my dream city!!


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I love everything about this place: surf,beautiful beaches,beautiful nature,the people, the vibes,the views... its a Paradise!


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I feel that thailand is a place that, if you can, you should at least go once in your lifetime.People look so nice and friendly and the nature is breath taking.Also my mum always wanted to go there.


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Australia is also amazing to surf and i love surfing,also is an amazing country with a lot of different and cool things and adore Australia so much!


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Surrealist landscapes, jaw-dropping mosques is just a gorgeous place to visit with a lot of adventures and amazing views!!