Hello by lovely little licornes ~

If you haven´t read the first part of this continuous article, you can do it now and then come back to this part. In case you don´t feel like doing it now, it doesn´t matter that much and you can start with this one. Enjoy the reading ~

How do I imagine a self care?

I won´t spend much time with explaining this part because I already make an article about this problematics a while ago. But I will let myself to be surprised where I will actually stop and how many lines I will actually dedicate to it until I will come to the end of my thoughts.

Since I also read the article I made a while ago I realized, that I didn´t mention here one important thing - making notes of everything and anything. Personally I own a few notebooks into which I usually draw, paint, write the diary entries, note down the interesting information, rewrite the quotes and paraphrases which engaged my attention or into which I put some delicious recipe. I also tend to stick there different pictures which I like and rewrite a stuff I find "by sailing through the Internet". It looks like my own world, my own soul.

I really think that notes like these can tell a lot about a person who´s making them. You only have to read between the lines and want to see it. Even the things you like the most can create such a wonderful informative profile about you. My soul, as an outlined on a silver tray, you can see on my we♥it account.

notebook, writing, and school image

Another form of a self care for me is writing the articles. But not those ones you are already used to on this blog. I´m talking about these which are the same like this one you are currently reading. Those, which spring from my soul. It´s such a wonderful feeling when you write literally "from your soul". Be sure to try it at least once and you will see yourself how lightened you will feel :)

I can´t imagine my day without a proper hydration - inside outside. I try to drink something about 2l of water daily. It´s very important for me, and my skin, to feel good. It´s also the first thing I drink in the morning, especially after getting up. Water helps me to wake up properly and freshen me in the morning. It also prepares a stomach for having a breakfast and it helps body to its proper functioning. Except the water I really love drinking vanilla soy milk from a DM ♥

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