I don´t know how it was.
it was my fault or her

It was probably mine... She is like the sun , happiest girl i meet.
She don´t need me
The Queen Bee, don´t need me

But we were so close...
In the same line , even so different.

She turned my dream into reality...Finaly had a best friend

My private Serena Van der Woodsen...But i´m not Blair
My own sand castle, she made it seem like my life
was a Hollywood movie

We made plans

All the laughs...
They seemed so far way

The Queen Bee has become a stranger
She finally found her own Blair

What about me?

I was erased as a silly mistake
Becoming nobody

We don´t talk anymore like in that song

Friendships also break your heart

She was my friend but i realized that
I´ve never been hers...