Hi cuties!
Today Iim gonna talk about autumn, yes again, like another part of "10 Things to do in autumn", I really like this topic, so I jus wanna do another one, maybe I'll do other parts, enjoy!

1)Start a personal sketchbook -- sooo, you can do this whenever you want, but I wanted to put it, so, this is pretty cute, I finished one sketcbook, and like 2 months ago I started another one, so try do this, is cute.

autumn, fall, and leaves image

2)Wear boots (Ugg) if you don't wear boots in autumn or winter, well, you should. Ok, maybe Ugg are just a little expansive, but I love them, and there are fake types.

autumn, fashion, and leaves image

3)Wear XL sweaters -- talking about clothes we HAVE to put sweaters, large sweaters, they're so comfortable and Amazing, like, everybody wer them.

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4)Paint or decorate Leaves -- Do you have in your mind when you're walking on the Leaves and then you see a really cute and orange leave? Well, you can do a lot of things with this leave!

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5)Decorate your room -- When autumn comes, your room change totally, leaves everywhere, Christmas lights, lots of blankets...

room, bedroom, and light image

6)Walk under the rain -- c'mon i don't have to say anything, that's the Amazing thing about autumn

autumn, fall, and rain image

7)Make a firebone -- On the beach, in a forest, or wherever you want, firebons are always perfet for autumn or winter, marshmallows and chocolate!

autumn, outdoor, and relax image

8)Pick up chestnuts -- Everybody loves hot chestnuts, and pick up them is so funny!

chestnuts, stylish, and fall image

9)Start a new serie -- Last autumn I started American Horror Story, and in my opinion autumn is the best season to watch AHS.

clowns, Halloween, and pumpkins image

10)Open a new blog -- Or you can start making articles, like me! Or Tumblr is the perfect social network.

fall, autumn, and pumpkin image

This article is finished, and I just hope that you enjoyed it and see you in the next article!