We want so much summer to come, we make plans, we do not think we'll have fun, and finally it's summer. We wake up alone in the house, the outside heat does not push you out, so you probably think of doing a marathon of roots in the bed.

Let's have a productive day, it's not for nothing in the summer, you have more time for yourself and you have to take advantage of it.

When you wake up, make coffee or tea, always help. Stay on the balcony and look at people, trees, a windy paper, anything, clear your thoughts a little.

Take a relaxing bath or cold shower, especially if you wake up early and probably asleep at 5 am.

You go out alone, why not?

Take a soda, your puppy or just you, and sit on a withdrawn bench. Half an hour in the morning, it helps you start your day the right way. I personally love to do this and go out with Toby. I'm talking crazy about him and he knows all my secrets, that word, the dog can not tell anyone, or if he wants to.

After the short stroller, eat something, watch TV or listen to music, whatever you like.

He's wasting time in the house, read, at least lose it right.

I have just started a bullet journal and write in it when I get bored. I'll write an article, maybe even start a series about bullet journal.

Coming back, do not let the day go for nothing. I'm not saying you do not see your show, but there's so much beauty around you that you lose it and if you close your eyes for a second.

Finish here, because I'm not really good at productive days, all the serials remain the basis, but I think I will start to live a little or not.

Have fun!