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"The dress was licking tightly her skin and it was completely sewed from thousand and thousands of tiny golden flowers."

Chapter 9

Ivy tried to keep up with Matthew as he zigzagged through the crowd. Gazes turned to their direction as they made their way across the room. He's fast, Ivy thought. She was dragging Mary after her and it made advancing even more challenging.

Just before they reached the tables alongside the wall Ivy felt something tangle to her feet. She let out a surprised cry before crashing to the ground.

"Ouch!" She groaned and rubbed the spot in her arm that hit the cold stone floor.

"Are you okay?" A voice came above her. It was clear and had a slight accent to it.

Ivy lifted her head to see who the owner of the voice was. Her brown eyes met a pair of deep ice blue ones. They were kind, but hard. The girl standing stretched her arm for Ivy to grab. And Ivy did so, with a bit of caution. The blue eyed girl pulled Ivy on her feet without even struggling. She then slid her hand out of Ivy's grip and placed it on her tiny waist.

"Thank you." Ivy said almost whispering.

The girl in front of her gave her a sweet smile. She was gorgeous, in every meaning of the word. She was tall and slender, but had still beautiful curves. Ivy's jaw was near to drop, that's how graceful the girl was. Her hair was white as snow and skin almost as light.

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But it wasn't only her features that made Ivy gasp in amazement, it was her dress. It was the jewelry and the curled hair. The dress was licking tightly her skin and it was completely sewed from thousand and thousands of tiny golden flowers. The hem of the dress was transparent with some golden leaves and flowers in it. The dress didn't leave much to interpretation. Under the hem she had delicate golden heels, at least six inches high.

Her hair fell down around her shoulders in simple curls, covering her ears.

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"So, you are a newbie. Pretty. Little chubby, but pretty." The girl said letting her eyes trail on Ivy's clothes and face. "My name is Azaleia." She then added and tilted her head carefully.

"I-Ivy." Ivy said clearing her voice.

"A pleasure." Azaleia said in her crystal clear voice.

Ivy was about to reply to her when bunch of girls ran to them giggling. Or rather they ran to Azaleia. One of the girls let out a delighted laugh and leaned into Azalea's ear. What ever the girl said, it made Azaleia's face lit up and eyes glimmer. She nodded to the girl and turned back to Ivy.

"I am sorry, but I have to go." She said and curtsied.

Only then did the other girls seem to notice Ivy. They all turned to look at her. All of their eyes were attached to her. It made her feel a little uncomfortable but she didn't turn her gaze to the ground. Instead she stared right back at them.

Azaleia turned around and –after curtsying to Ivy– the other girls followed right after her.

Well that was definitely weird, Ivy thought.

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