hi there!
I'm Carolina and this is my first article.
get to know me in 20 curiosities and random facts:

1 - I'm from Portugal and I f***ing love my country.
2 - I'm a 18 year-old girl, but people always think I'm like 22 (wroooong).
3 - I'm a capricorn born on december 30, which is ossom.
4 - I love autumn and the colors and the fallen leaves and the cold/rainy days.
5 - I love coffee and I used to put sugar on it. now I can't drink it because it's disgusting.
6 - I went to college for 4 months but left because I chose the wrong course.
7 - I suffer from anxiety and had a serious crisis in college.
8 - I would love to speak english better than I do.
9 - I probably love my friends more than I love my family, which is shameful.
10 - my username is @singmyheartasleep because of this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jR1Vs9K2L3c
11 - music is my biggest passion. (you'll know more about it someday)
12 - I love going to concerts and I probably went to over 200 (and I'm not kidding).
13 - my favorite days of the year are my birthday and halloween.
14 - although I live in the countryside, I am a city lover and I'll move as soon as possible.
15 - I'm single by choice. and also because I'm afraid of serious relationships.
16 - I hate chickpeas.
17 - besides music, the three things I love most are cinema, fashion and minimalism.
18 - I already have my driving license, but I don't have a car (yet...)
19 - black is my favorite color, however, I'm trying to make my closet more colorful (but it's been difficult)
20 - I'm a cat person and I had one, but she was hit by a car and now I have a dog. I know, it's stupid. but that's life.

sorry, my english sucks, I hope you understand what's written...
I'll write again as soon as possible. xoxo