A few weeks ago school started.
This year we have got a new art teacher. You might think now "Ok lol? Nobody cares" BUT there is something special about him.
No, he's not cute or young. He's old and quiet.
So the first art lesson he gave us some small notebooks with about 20 pages and told us to draw something in it every art lesson.
And I really do like this idea (OK, at the beginning I thought it was really stupid) because when you flip through this scetchbook you get all the memories.
He told us he won't look at them but he wanted us to keep them and draw every lesson.

I don't know - I like something about this idea.

And here is some inspiration for the artsy ones here:
Our 2nd work was drawing a broken mirror and reflect ourselves in the broken fragments. But not with a drawing of ourselves but of our personality. I really liked the idea.