I'm a huge fan of Instagram since the day my bestfriend introduced me to it.
I've also always been passionate about photography, and instagram is for me the best way to share this passion.
So, I've made a little list of tips that I hope you'll find helpful to have the best instagram feed!

1. Find inspiration

Either it's on instagram itself, or any other social media, the best way to find inspiration is to look at other pics people upload. Since you can save other people pic on insta, it's way easier to stay inspired.
WHI is also the second best way to be inspired! You can follow or even create your own collection to inspire yourself.

I actually have a collection (very autumnal) to find inspiration if you want:

BUT it's obsviously not the only way to find inspo: discovering new places can be so much inspirational, reading, watching movies, art, people around you,..
Open your eyes before your camera!

2. Choose a theme

You can go for black and white, or only pinkish pic, or even just pic of your animals! Choose what you like and stick with it!

3. Edit

To keep up with your theme, you may need to edit your pictures.
In my opinion, the best app to use is VSCO Cam. You will find a lot of filter and you can also adjust the brightness and all.

If you're not sure how to use the app, there are plenty of accounts on instagram that tell how to edit your pic (example: @vsco.princess, @feedgoalsfilters, @vscocheats)

You can also search for "vsco filter" on WHI.

4. Start to post

Before I post, I like to see what my feed would look like. For that, I use an app called UNUM. You upload your pics and you can move them around to see what's the better combination.

When you post a pic, I recommend to tag the place. And if your pic was taken in in big city, you can tag the offical account of this city. Also, you can use hastags as long as they are relevant for the pic.

And finally I recommend to post regulary (every 2 days).

5. Be patient

Becomming a succesful instagramer takes time, so just wait! You need to be active on other people publications if you want to get known but you won't gain 1000 followers over a night!
Wait, and never forget that you're doing that for fun!

Have fun posting your pic, and if you liked my article you can like it!
Thank you for reading, have a nice day!