This recipe is insane. A few months back, I increasingly gain weight and when I reveal my weight you won't believe me. I gain 8kgs within a month. Yes, my lovely's this is true. The reason behind is not food, but fresh homemade fruit juice. I wanted a nice glow and healthy skin, so starting drinking fresh juices, but I end up gaining weight. My dietitian told me it is much better to have fruits raw instead in juice even if you are making it at home. I did lots of exercises, but nothing seems as a solution. I came up with this recipe and with regular drinking, I lost 4kgs in a month. If you want good results you have to drink it daily no matter what because once you stop, you start gaining weight again. I know this because it has happened to me. Eventually, I had started again.

The Internet is flooded with new and different types of drinks every day. While some promise to aid weight loss, a few others claim to provide some or the other health benefit(s).

Saying that lemons are a superfood is an understatement. Not only do they add abundant flavour to a variety of dishes, but they also boast tonnes of health benefits. The flavonoids within the juice are said to contain antioxidants, which is why lemons are useful in treating so many ailments and conditions

However, if this drink is replacing a beverage that is higher in calories, like coffee with sugar or fruit juice—and that results in a calorie deficit—then it can help you lose weight. Drinking water—whether hot or cold, infused with lemon, or plain—also helps keep your metabolism humming.

Drinking a beverage made from lemon juice and hot water won't suddenly make you drop pounds, but it's a tool that might make a difference. Lemon juice naturally contains substances that are associated with weight loss. If you include lemon pulp in the beverage, you'll add pectin, which helps you feel full. But the most important way this drink contributes to weight loss is when it replaces other high-calorie beverages.


Lemon juice contains two ingredients that are associated with maintaining a healthy weight. The first constituent -- ascorbic acid, or vitamin C -- is inversely related to body mass, which means that people who consume more vitamin C weigh less than people who are low in vitamin C, according to a study in the Journal of Nutrition in 2007. When blood levels of vitamin C were tested in 118 men and women participating in the study, people who were overweight and had a larger waist measurement had significantly lower levels of vitamin C. The researchers also reported that people with adequate blood levels of vitamin C break down more fat during exercise.

Lemons are also good sources of hesperetin, which is an antioxidant flavonoid. When laboratory mice ate a high-fat diet, the animals that also consumed hesperetin gained significantly less weight than rats that did not receive the flavonoid, according to a study in Genes and Nutrition in July 2015. The researchers concluded that all rats consumed the same amount of calories, and the differences in weight were not caused by lipid oxidation; more studies are needed to verify how hesperetin affects weight and whether it has the same impact in people.


One small way hot water supports a diet is by keeping you hydrated. You may eat less when you're well hydrated because thirst is sometimes perceived as hunger. Cold water requires more calories to digest than hot water, but don't rush to replace hot water because you'll be lucky to lose an extra 8 calories with cold water. Simply drinking water uses calories to fuel digestion. Drinking 16 ounces of water increases energy expenditure by 24 percent over 60 minutes, according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism in 2007.

Hot water may help you lose weight when you drink it before meals. In one study, 48 overweight adults were divided into two groups. Both groups followed a low-calorie diet, but only one group drank 16 ounces of water before each meal. After 12 weeks, the water-drinking group lost 4 more pounds than the other group, reported the scientific journal Obesity in 2010. Another study, published in the same journal in 2015, found that overweight adults who drank water before meals lost 3 pounds more than participants who didn't drink water.

Another study, published in the same journal in 2015, found that overweight adults who drank water before meals lost 3 pounds more than participants who didn't drink water

To prepare lemon water to get the maximum benefits from it:

Ingredients Required:
3 cups of water
5 lemons

How To Prepare
1. Boil water in a boiler.
2. Cut all the lemons into halves and squeeze all juice out of them.
3. Put Lemon and its juice into boiled water and boil for around 10 more minutes.

Your lemon water is ready to drink. You may cool down the water at room temperature. The taste is too sour and bitter, it would want you to throw up. However, have an apple after it. Within time you will get used to it like me.


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