I'm sorry I take so long to write a new article, I'd never imagine you could like the last one that much... more than 1200 likes ! That's crazy so I didn't want to disappoint you.

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I hesitated a lot about what I should write, I errased so many texts because I thought they weren't good enough. I was scared to come back here actually I wanted to do something great but I get lost in trying, and at the end all I hated everything I write.

Should I talk about my life ? they won't care.
Should I talk about the news ? I'm maybe not legitimate to do it.
Do I stress too much ? maybe I do...

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That's maybe what I should talk about : the stress when you want to please everyone, when you want them to think that you're good in what you're doing. That made my life so complicated so many time, I almost failed my studies because I couldn't stand to not be one of the best in what I did. I'm so scared of failure that it cause me anxiety attack. But now I know I'm not the only one.

This article is for those who, like me, are scared, are stressed, the ones who don't want to admit it, the ones who can't speak about it.

I wanted to write something happy and finally I write something true, something you maybe won't appreciate but if it could help just one person, someone who will realise that he/she is not alone in this then I writed the right thing.

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If you're someone like me I just want to tell you that I'm going better, sometimes I feel anxious again but with time and patience it will stop one day. When you will realize that what people think doesn't matter, when you will feel brave enough to speak to someone about your feelings you will find a solution to your problem. One day you're going to feel better. Don't stay alone, stay close to the people you care about and who cares about you, forget the other and never forgot that some people passed through what you are living and they managed to escape from it and you will too.

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I love you all,