Two quotes you need to know before you read further-

"Her body isn't my battle field"

"Wonder Woman is a state of mind"

This is an open letter to all my followers and all WHI users, most importantly; you girls-

Girl love!
We all need to work on that concept, eventhough we have pretty much spread the word, what we need to do now is ensure that we are actually making something out of it. We have to stand with each other and make sure we get over our habit of pulling each other down, be it a social ladder or any other platform.

Body-shaming is pathetic way of lifting your self-esteem higher, if you'd dedicate the same energy&time to work on yourself, it wouldn't have to be on your agenda. Chose love everytime

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It starts with you, work on how you view others. We all stand equal regardless of our IQ's and beauty. It's a simple floating fact of th 21st century and it is time we accept it. Condescending behavior isn't gonna get our girl love movement anywhere.
We are no saints and we don't need to be 'em, we just need to make a difference.

Just beacuse we understand this doesn't mean it ends there, call people out on their behaviour and make sure you use your voice, and while you're at it-might as well put up one hell of a show.

To the males reading this- don't close your books on love lives and attraction based on our face value, develop a view of looking deeper than that. We need your help just as much as of all girls.

So spread love, think a lil different and be heard.
Love to all you strong females reading this <3