Smile that beautiful smile.
Smile it for only me.
You're the only trespasser I've found.
Whose ever tried to set me free...
You're no halo'd angle.
And these ain't praying hands.
We're just two sinners in the garden.
Under the gun and on the lamb.

It was way back in the good old beginning.
It was just you and me.
We had all Eden to ourselves.
All but that one bad apple in the tree.
Soon broke bread with the devil.
Against the old man's advice.
Next thing you know we're banished.
Into the dregs of Earths delights.
So we said so long to creation.
And held on tight for a wild ride.

From the blast of day.
To the crush of night.
My soul was afraid.
My spirit uptight.
My hearth went astray.
Your touch sent me awry.
My fear died away.
Stay by my side.