hello lovelies, i'm pretty surprised i remembered doing this challenge, its day two and today I'd be talking about things i'm grateful for.

Day 2. things that you are grateful for.

(Music) i'm mostly grateful for finding it about the bands i listen to, i know it sounds stupid but music is the thing that makes my dead heart feel alive

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(Eyes) the second thing i'm grateful for is being able to see, i've seen lots of blind people and it makes me realize how lucky i am to have eyes

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(Alive) i don't really have much thing in my life which i am grateful for but i'm definitely grateful for being alive, sometimes i feel like i wanna die but i'm very grateful for being alive

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(Mind) I'm grateful for my mind, i have a very creative mind, i feel like my mind is gonna explode with so many ideas, that's why i write, writing about things makes me feel relaxed

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(Love) i'm grateful for meeting the girl of my life, i love her to death, she cheered me up when i was feeling down, she sticked with me through thick and thin

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(Food) i'm grateful for eating food, i use to so broke that sometimes i couldn't even afforded to feed my own appetite

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(Football) i'm grateful to be part of this wonderful football club fandom, i'm so grateful for it, i can't even describe, real madrid is my life, i never liked football that much but when i watched real madrid's match my whole perspective changed

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(Sister) i'm very grateful to have a supporting sister, my whole family is very homophobic even my sister was, but i changed her P.O.V over lgbtq community, i told her that i was pansexual and she accepted me, i'm grateful to have a wonderful sister

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alright folks, that was short because, i don't have much things in life which i appreciate but i made the list of things i appreciate, thank you for reading